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Carnarvon Gorge
Nyanda Station

Exploring The Roof of Queensland

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Carnarvon Gorge - Carnarvon National Park Tracks

6 Hours - $115 Per Person


LOCATION: Nyanda Station (a 30km drive from Carnarvon Gorge accommodation) 

TRIP TYPE: 4WD Tag-along + Short Hikes


HIGHLIGHTS: Consuelo Gorge Lookout, Sandy Gorge Lookout, Consuelo Creek Rock Pools


This tour is the ultimate way to see Nyanda Station, it involves a scenic drive (high clearance vehicle required) over the rugged sandstone ranges, followed by a walk through our 'Nyanda Gorge'. Your local guide will delve into the stories that are hidden in the landscape while visiting an ancient gorge adorned with deep pools and rare wildlife. We then finish the tour by visiting our lookout viewing rarely seen parts of Carnarvon National Park. 

Carnarvon National Park Lookout

Cost: Please submit an enquiry for more info.

LOCATION: Carnarvon Gorge & Nyanda Station

TRIP TYPE: Up To You!  


HIGHLIGHTS: We can create an experience that matches all your needs. 


We pride ourselves on our tour flexibility, thanks to our extensive access to diverse eco-systems and prime locations for exploring and mountain climbing. If you're an avid birdwatcher, you're in luck; Nyanda is home to a vast array of bird species that call our lakes and waterholes home. Or perhaps you're looking for a more intimate experience, like a private sunset at one of our lookouts, or the thrill of spotting a platypus in the wild? We're happy to organise those for you as well!

8 Hours - $75 Per Person

The Ultimate Carnarvon Gorge Experience

LOCATION: Carnarvon National Park

TRIP TYPE: Full Day Hike


HIGHLIGHTS: Moss Garden, Amphitheatre, Ward's Canyon, Art Gallery 


Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the Carnarvon Gorge with our guided walk through its most picturesque parts. Our tour takes you to the most accessible areas of the Carnarvon gorge, where you'll discover the unique features that make this one of the most breathtaking gorges in the country. You'll also have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history and geology of the area from our knowledgeable guide.

Nyanda Gorge - Consuelo Creek

3 Hours - $190 Per VEHICLE

LOCATION: Nyanda Station

TRIP TYPE: Relaxing Tag-along Driving + Morning or Afternoon Tea in a Scenic Location


HIGHLIGHTS: Drive through unique landscapes, Visit the stunning geological structure of Reid's Dome, surrounded by towering cliffs. 


Embark on the ultimate off-road adventure through the hidden gems of Central Queensland Highlands, all from the comfort of your own vehicle. Our 4WD tour takes you on a journey over rough and rugged sandstone ranges, culminating in breathtaking views from our lookouts of one of the most fascinating geological structures in Queensland. 

Carnarvon Gorge Lookout - Boolimba Bluff

Check out our custom itineraries that you can choose from. Keep in mind that we can tailor each experience to suit your needs. 

Where to find us

Leaving Roma to the south, or Emerald to the north, you dive into the beauty of the 'Roof of Queensland'. The scenery shifts from undulating flats to spectacular sandstone escarpments and the highest tablelands in Queensland. This place is loaded with deep histories, from ancient geological origins, to those that called this home for millennia. 

Carnarvon Gorge is located 155km North of Injune, and 105km South of Rolleston, Queensland. It stands out in the landscape with its white precipice sandstone and steep rise to the Consuelo Tableland high above. 

Nyanda Station is situated amidst some of Queensland's most breathtaking geological formations, offering unparalleled scenery that simply demands attention. Previously hidden from view, Nyanda Station now unveils its natural splendour for all to behold.


See below for a detailed map. 

Getting to Carnarvon Gorge

Bringing Unique, Quality Tours to the Carnarvon Gorge Area 

Central Queensland Nature Tours is an owner-operated business located at the gateway to Carnarvon National Park, offering a blend of tourism services focused on nature exploration in Central Queensland. Our core products include personalized and sustainable tours, such as 4WD tag-along adventures and guided hikes, designed to cater to various interests and abilities.


Our tours are centred around the stunning diversity of the region's wildlife, flora, and fauna, providing an immersive and educational experience in one of Australia's most beautiful natural settings, while also delving into the stories of the people who call this area home. We are accredited Savannah Guides and are dedicated to taking guests off the beaten path, revealing hidden gems and offering a deeper connection with the natural world. We are committed to sustainable tourism practices, ensuring that our tours not only showcase the beauty of Central Queensland but also promote conservation and respect for the environment.


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C & K

It was an overcast day with intermittent misty rain and what a setting this provided for our tour. It took it to another level as we got to experience the Gorge at its pristine best with the cloud mist hovering high above spilling over the rock escarpment. Christian our tour guide and owner of Central Queensland Nature Tours provided a very detailed and informative guide of Carnarvon Gorge. He identified and explained the ecological and geographical features of this mystical region. Christian also explained the rich history and culture of first nations people during this immersive walking tour. He adeptly identified the abundance of BushTucker available in the gorge and explained about its use as a food or for medicinal purposes. Both Adults and Children will enjoy this tour, it’s pretty special. Thank you Christian and Caity for providing this experience.
From C&K

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