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Nyanda Gorge Tour


Tour Summary

Newly Updated Tour! 

Discover the hidden gem of Nyanda Gorge, a private oasis tucked away on our family property, Nyanda Station. Nestled within the spring-fed Consuelo Creek, the gorge boasts an impressive rock pools in the ancient sandstone that provides a perfect habitat for wildlife, including platypus, turtles, and rare plants.

This tour is the ultimate way to see Nyanda Station, it involves a scenic drive (high clearance vehicle required) over the rugged sandstone ranges, followed by a walk through our 'Nyanda Gorge'. Your local guide will delve into the stories that are hidden in the landscape while visiting an ancient gorge adorned with deep pools and rare wildlife. We then finish the tour by visiting our lookout viewing rarely seen parts of Carnarvon National Park. 

- Meet at the Entrance to Nyanda Station

We’ll be meeting you at the entrance to Nyanda Station, please wait near the ‘Meeting Point’ sign. See the map above for more details. 

- Introduction at Nyanda's Entrance

At the entrance of Nyanda Station we will have an introduction to the station’s fascinating history before beginning our scenic drive along our dirt track leading to part of Nyanda that borders Carnarvon National Park. 


- Scenic Drive through our Sandstone Ranges

Along the way, we’ll cross several dry creeks and witness the impressive geological structure of 'Reid's Dome'. There will be an optional stop to visit our lookout viewing a recently explored gorge (500m return). 


- Arrive at Black Alley to Start Our Short Walk into Nyanda Gorge

Once we arrive at Black Alley (a section of Nyanda), we will leave our cars and begin our walk (roughly 1.5km return) visiting Nyanda Gorge’s largest rock pools. 


- Walk through Nyanda Gorge

We will meander our way along the creek, with a couple of creek crossings (rock-hopping). With the chance to spot a platypus and countless other unique flora and fauna. 


- Stop Next to a Large Rockpool

After some gentle exercise and taking in the stunning scenery, we’ll arrive at the large sandstone wall where we’ll stop to soak in the tranquil sounds and sights of Nyanda Gorge’s spring-fed creek. 


- Return to Vehicles and Drive to Lookout for Morning/Afternoon Tea 

We’ll head back to our vehicles and drive to our lookout viewing some of Carnarvon National Park’s largest gorges, that can only be seen from Nyanda. As we enjoy the views on offer, we will stop for morning/afternoon tea. 


- Return to Mailbox for Conclusion of Tour

Finally, we will make our way back to the entrance of Nyanda Station for conclusion of the tour. 

Tour Details

Adults - $115
Children (5-12) - $70


Approx. 6 Hours

Pet Friendly
You are more than welcome to bring your pets along on tour, although they will need to stay on lead, or in the vehicle with you. 

Driving - Easy 4WD Track, some sand and some rocky sections. No prior experience required. 
Walking: Grade 3 - Moderate Difficulty. Mostly because of the rock hopping required during the creek crossings. 


Driving - 40km Return
Walking - 1.5km Return

Please Note
Tours on Nyanda Station are weather dependant. Tours will be cancelled or re-booked if necessary. *As per the cancellation policy*  

The Nyanda Gorge Tour


What our guests are saying

See what others have to say about our Nyanda Gorge Tour

Graham S

Wonderful 4WD tag-along tour. Christian gave a great commentary along the way, the 2 way radio being a great idea - we could talk back & forth along the way and ask questions. We even spotted a Koala with a joey on its' back at the side of the road. It then crossed in front of us and ran up a tree before we could get the camera out. Called up Christian and at first he couldn't believe it, but turned around smartly and came back. We were all amazed and stood watching for some time. Continued on then to a great morning tea at the turn around point. Stopped on the way back and the Koala was still sitting in the same tree. A great way to fill in a morning. Highly recommended. Thanks again Christian & Caity.

Check out this video made by one of our guests. 

Nyanda Gorge.jpg

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Leaving Roma to the south, or Emerald to the north, you dive into the beauty of the 'Roof of Queensland'. The scenery shifts from undulating flats to spectacular sandstone escarpments and the highest tablelands in Queensland. This place is loaded with deep histories, from ancient geological origins, to those that called this home for millennia. 

Carnarvon Gorge is located 155km North of Injune, and 105km South of Rolleston, Queensland. It stands out in the landscape with its white precipice sandstone and steep rise to the Consuelo Tableland high above. 

Nyanda Station is situated amidst some of Queensland's most breathtaking geological formations, offering unparalleled scenery that simply demands attention. Previously hidden from view, Nyanda Station now unveils its natural splendour for all to behold.


See below for a detailed map. 

Map of Area
National park


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