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Meet the Couple Behind Central Queensland Nature Tours

Hello to our wonderful readers!

Our story began almost a decade ago when we started chatting every day after school. Our conversations quickly blossomed into a beautiful relationship. It might sound cliché, but from the moment we met, we felt a strong connection and knew there was something special between us. As time passed, our bond only grew stronger, and we have since built a strong and enduring relationship.

A few years into our relationship, Caity invited me to visit her family home, Nyanda, which was located in a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world. It was during this visit that our shared love for exploration was ignited. I was in awe of the stunning natural surroundings, and I often found myself exclaiming, "That mountain looks like it would be fun to climb!" Though Caity sometimes responded with a playful eye roll, my enthusiasm for adventure never waned.

One of our most cherished memories together is the impromptu journey we took to Nepal to visit the Everest Base Camp. Although we encountered numerous obstacles along the way, the challenges only brought us closer to each other. Then, in March 2021, we exchanged our vows in an intimate ceremony nestled between towering cliffs on a secluded beach near Yeppoon.

At the age of 18, I started my job at the Capricorn Caves. Initially, public speaking wasn't my forte, but I quickly learned that sharing my knowledge and passion for the world was easy and enjoyable when I connected with an audience that was eager to learn. Working at the Caves has given me the opportunity to cultivate my public speaking skills, and I have discovered that educating others about our natural world is an incredibly rewarding experience.

In 2017, Caity joined the Capricorn Caves' guiding and outdoor recreation team as a shy country girl, but her natural passion and charm quickly transformed her into an outgoing and highly regarded tour guide who always left her guests with smiles on their faces.

After a couple of years as tour guides, we decided to become Savannah Guides, which allowed us to further our careers as "protectors and interpreters of the outback." Through our participation in Savannah Guides field schools, we've not only developed professionally, but we've also made lifelong friendships along the way.

As a team, we complement each other perfectly, and our business, CQ Tours, is our way of turning our dreams into reality. We're thrilled to showcase our beloved part of the world to visitors from all over, and we couldn't be more excited to launch our tours in less than a month. We can't wait to share the beauty and wonder of our home with you!

- Caity and Christian


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Apr 26, 2022

I loved my tour of the caves with Caity. 🦇 I'm really looking forward to a tour with this lovely couple's new company, next time I'm in central Queensland. 🤗


Apr 25, 2022

Love your love story, and am excited to see you both flourish in your new adventure.

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