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Hidden Valley

Nyanda Explorer Tour


Welcome to the Nyanda Explorer Tour – an exhilarating expedition into the untamed beauty of the Carnarvon Ranges, meticulously crafted to enhance your Carnarvon Gorge experience.

Embark on a picturesque drive through spring-fed creeks, unlocking the mysteries of Reid's Dome, a geological masterpiece that sets the stage for our journey. Pause briefly for an introduction to the vast landscape before we continue our adventure along the scenic fire break track.

Take a moment to relish the surroundings with a refreshing morning tea break, surrounded by ancient cycads. But that's just the tip of the iceberg! Lace up your boots for an invigorating guided walk through Hidden Valley, a geological wonderland where ancient rock layers reveal their fossilized treasures – from prehistoric plants to marine skeletons and petrified wood.

Our trail winds through permanent springs, passing by giant fig trees and providing a chance to spot rare wildlife. Witness the resilience of nature in this extraordinary environment before we return to our vehicles for a well-deserved lunch break.


The excitement doesn't end there! Continue the drive to a shelter where displays on local geology come to life. Your experienced accredited Savannah Guide will unravel the landscape's captivating features. The Nyanda Explorer Tour is more than a tour; it's an exploration into the ancient stories of the area, fostering a deep connection with the land that seamlessly enhances your Carnarvon Gorge holiday.


Join us for a day of discovery, where every twist and turn unveils the heart and soul of Nyanda's natural wonders. Are you ready for an adventure through a truly untamed area, a privilege enjoyed by only a fortunate few? Let's explore together!

Tour Details

Per Person - $145


Approx. 6 - 7 Hours

Driving - Approx. 32km Return
Walking - 3km Return

Whats Involved: 
This tour is a scenic drive through Nyanda Stations largest paddocks, as well as a short hike into our best, and most diverse, fossil site on Nyanda. Finishing with a stop at a lookout viewing the ancient geological wonder called Reid's Dome.
Morning Tea included. 
BYO Lunch

Driving - Easy dirt track, with multiple shallow creek crossings. No prior experience required. A 4WD vehicle is required for the creek crossings for the extra height to avoid obstacles. 
Walking - Moderate difficulty due to the rocky nature of the track. 

Pet Friendly
You are more than welcome to bring your pets along on tour, although they will need to stay on lead, or in the vehicle with you. 

Please Note
Tours on Nyanda Station are weather dependant. Tours will be cancelled or re-booked if necessary.  


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